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Podcast is alive & well

Finally got my podcast up & running.

You can listen to it here.

It’s not super popular, but I really enjoy doing it. It’s fun finally having my own outlet for my opinions, and having a way to talk about the games I enjoy that no one ever seems to want to talk about. It bugs me when podcasts only discuss the flavor of the month game, & when they only give a game I enjoy a few words, and completely drop it. I play games for a while, and so I love talking about those games, & I like hearing other people discuss those games in length, over multiple podcasts. I understand if you’re trying to appeal to a wide audience, you can’t really do that.. but maybe not every podcast HAS to appeal to a wide audience.

I like what we’re doing with my podcast. I discuss all the news, and give my opinions about it.. and we also talk about the games we enjoy. We’re still new to the podcasting thing, so it’s pretty rough, but overall, I just want an gaming enthusiast podcast, where we talk about games and are generally happy. We enjoy things unironically, because as gamers, we don’t HAVE to be incredibly cynical; we don’t have to allow ourselves to become so jaded.

Finally getting something started.

Going to start trying out a podcast Tuesday. See if we can make that a regular thing.. get a few of my other friends as guests on the show.

Looking into a capture card. I really, above all, just want to play games and share the hilarious fucking moments I find with everyone. Plus it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a long, long time.

Finally getting shit together. I should’ve done this YEARS ago.. I should’ve started content creation years, and years ago. Atleast I finally know what I want to do.

Not sure what I’m doing with my life

25, going to be 26. Worked in retail for about 2, 3 years now. I have some college, but it was mostly just because I was forced to go, and my grades are a result of that.

I keep seeing and hearing people who are in their mid-twenties who are doing what I want to do. Writing about videogames, working in game design, etc. and it gives me pangs of guilt. I should have a career by now too, but I don’t.

I keep hearing about people who are my age and have been working for years now, they finished college and ware working on getting the rest of their lives started.. while here I am, working a retail job that’s going nowhere fast. I know I need to get a “real job”, but I have no idea where to start, and I want to do something i’m passionate about.. but the older I get, the more I consider settling for something that’s “good enough”.


This world is full of assholes

It’s also full of amazing, wonderful people. Don’t let the vocal minority trick you into thinking otherwise. <3

Gaming community needs to stop segregating itself

I’ve been thinking about this for a long, long time. I already know it’s going to piss people off, but it needs to be said. I’m willing to deal with any negativity that comes my way as a result, but it’s been bugging me for a long, long time.

Gaming was a niche thing for the longest time, and it WAS quite heavily male oriented (that’s being remedied as time goes on, whether people like it or not.) It was a small community, a culture; a secret club. You knew the games, you knew the jokes and you knew the references. It was great.

Gaming has very recently in the past 10 years or so taken a huge spike in popularity and acceptance in the mainstream media. This is normal, of course; I can’t think of any successful form of entertainment that makes billions of dollars year after year in such a medium that WOULDN’T become as big as it has been. With the sudden growth, our small community, our “secret club” suddenly exploded, and there were more people than you could shake a stick at.

This obviously upset some older people who’d been with gaming “before it was cool”, but I mean really, fuck those guys. I was with gaming “before it was cool” too, and I don’t care that gaming exploded in popularity. You know why? Gamers are gamers. The club is not-so-secret anymore, but anyone who decides to proudly wear the title of a gamer, does so because of one thing; they have a passion for the hobby.

This is where things get silly. Inside this giant club, you have people who want to stand out amongst the gaming community, or feel “accepted” amongst the community. This is why “girl gamers” and “gaymers” became a thing. Now, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have a website dedicated to “gay gamers”, or “girl gamers”, because everyone should have a community they feel safe within, especially with the hostility of the internet and people in general. What I do not like, however, is that people labeling themselves begin to segregate the community. If you start going around calling yourself a “girl gamer” or “gaymer” it seems like you’re trying to distinguish yourself from the pack. As if you’re trying to be “above” the culture, or be “different” for the sake of being different.

I’m not stupid, and I’m aware that isn’t the case the majority of the time (Attention whores will always be attention whores) but it leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths. When you start calling it “us” and “them”, it’s when divides start, and people start seeing you AS a “girl gamer” or “gaymer”. You’re no longer just a gamer. You’re no longer part of the wonderful culture and hobby, you’re now a sub-group. You’re now different, and it’s silly. Why would we do this to ourselves? I just don’t understand it. I know people don’t want to be associated with all the negative shit going on with gaming right now; that people want to stand out from all the bullshit immaturity and sexism, homophobia, and general awfulness of the industry as it currently stands. This industry has a LOT of growing up to do. Guess what? It WILL grow up. These are growing pains, and we are all GAMERS, together, united. We are going to be united against these blows to us and to our public image, and we’ll whether the storm, UNITED.

We do not need to segregate ourselves. Let’s also talk about casual vs. hardcore; it’s becoming FAR less common these days, because who knew, the angsty teenagers grew up and realized there’s more to the world than their “hardcore” games; they’re getting older, time is becoming more scarce, and hey, a phone game can be pretty satisfying on those 15 minute breaks at work. Who knew, right? Who knew that “casual games” could actually be fun? It’s silly, just.. silly.

I know moms who play casual games more hardcore than most “hardcore” gamers do. I know some moms who rival on MLG-levels with how much time they spend dedicated to their specific game. It’s the same hobby, folks. Just different flavors.

We call ourselves gamers for one simple reason; we love videogames, and we love the industry (despite its flaws and it’s growing pains) and we all share that in common. Why can’t we just bond over that? Why can’t we have good feels, and be happy, and all just be “gamers”? Why can’t we unite, for the greater good of our industry and change things for the better? Lessen these growing pains!

We’ve already seen through childs play and through other various acts of kindness, of exactly what the gaming community is capable of. We’re smart, we have good hand-eye coordination, and fast reflexes; we have been training ourselves through videogames to think outside of the box, and if we all worked together, there’s nothing we couldn’t do. It’s just a matter of staying united and working towards that great goal!

I’m not even going to touch on the “console wars”, because as nasty as it can get, it’s not much different than sports teams. You pick your team, and you’re dedicated to them. Sure, the big companies don’t care, but rivalry is also part of gaming. It’s that competitive nature.. and while I may not agree with how nasty it can get, it’s still not as bad as I’ve seen some sports fans behave.. (lookin’ at you, soccer!)


Aight. Post Office time. See y’all. Gonna try and bang out a crowd funded commission tonight. So stream later maybe.

hey there small businessman, let me tell you about stamps.com…


Long day

short night


so ive. been depressed since i was about 13. ongoing, without breaks

i feel like i dont know what real happiness feels like.

my familys issues trapped me in a black hole when i was young and still havent let me go. and i dont know how to function. im trapped

and no one can help me.

"real happiness" is when you get super excited about something and you’re like "omg yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss"

Happiness isn’t a 24/7 emotion, it’s just the state of //not// being miserable all the time. It’s the “nothing” feeling without any downsides.

least in my experience, but what the fuck do i know lol

You said you needed to not hesitate and just unfollow anyone you don't want to see on your dash, regardless of how they feel. Which yeah, totally your right. Just seemed funny to me that of all things that's what you have to address..


OOOOohhhh no no I said I was going to unfollow blogs I don’t reblog or don’t recognize. Gotta be realistic about resolutions I can accomplish. But wait what the fuck who cares about feelings it’s a fucking follow not a marriage.

I fucking lol’d hard

Amused & hopeful: backlash against microtransactions

Not sure how many people are following the current news and gaming trends, but microtransactions are a thing. They’re apparently a pretty big things in the next gen consoles, and you know what? People aren’t fucking happy about it.

It’s an easy sale in the mobile market, where most games are $1 or less, and pay for convenience is the flavor of the month; in the hardcore gaming space, where you drop $60+ on a game, you expect to have everything there out of the box.

Developers think we’re stupid as fuck; they think we’re mindless sheep who’ll lap up their precious microtransactions and give them free money, because DLC has been such a lucrative market, and the mobile gaming space is so big; and so they’re getting such a rude awakening, it will hopefully kill off microtransactions in the hardcore gaming space for good. There’s already heavy rebalancing of how systems work to not-favor “pay to win” models in the current released games, and how rushed and bad these games are is not doing them any favors.

It seems for the next gen, developers followed the creed of “patch in the rest of the game later”, in order to have something out for launch. In order to make quick cash to help further fund that development, they threw in microtransactions, trying to set the stadard for this next gen. This is going over as well with gamers as the Xbone’s initial “go fuck yourself and buy a 360” marketing did. Shocker!

This is a fucking wakeup call, developers. This is aimed more at big studios than anything else; you’re no longer the only players in the marekt, and we don’t HAVE to swallow your bullshit, you should be courting us, not acting like fucking princesses expecting us to care for your every whim, while you get lazier and lazier.

Indies are doing some incredible fucking things in the console space, and their production values are just getting higher and higher. We’ve seen developers die off left and right this last generation, and it’s because they’re making shitty games that no one wants to buy. It’s survival of the fittest, motherfuckers. The younger, healthier talent is coming in and killing your old ignorant asses off. Evolve or die.

I’m so happy that my fellow gamers are speaking out against the bullshit developers are trying to pull. It makes me so happy that people aren’t just staring at the ground saying “Okay…” when a developer pulls a total bullshit move like this. If you want to make a shitty free to play mobile game, go ahead. When that bubble bursts and you land flat on your ass? Don’t come crying to us.. but do NOT try and force that shit into a $60 game.